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[17 Jan 2003|12:51pm]
I have been crazy busy lately which of course i wouldnt complain about i love my job its all i have ever wanted to do. The added bonus i got was seeing my beautiful husband tuesday night. What a great night *grins* Hmm i feel that over protective mode coming over me *grrrrr*
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[23 Dec 2002|12:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Ok angel here you go so no more whining about wanting to see your presents.

Ring Reads: True Love

ok and alot more to come angel.

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[30 Nov 2002|07:31pm]
[ mood | excited ]

Oh sweeet beautiful angel of minnnnne! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *grins* i have the coolest present ever. Now really angel you know i had to get you like a zillion different things so i got you alot of new clothes and stuff, andddddd and there is one other thing but i will give it to you later angel.

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[22 Nov 2002|04:53pm]
OK ay let me explain the last one.. Jason proclaimed to me that he doesnt fart! now we all know that is a lie everybody farts!
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[22 Nov 2002|04:50pm]
Will someone please tell my poor demented husband that everyone farts!
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[09 Nov 2002|04:43pm]
Happy Birthday CHriiis *grins and starts singing Happy Birthday* I got you some hockey tickets they should be on thier way to you.
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[05 Nov 2002|02:31pm]
OK i know this may be very late *laughs* but i would like to say Thank you to everyone for their birthday wishes and gifts. They were all great. Also like to thank my angel Jason for the best gift of all himself and a badass car *grins* ok ill update more in a few i have to run an errand.
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[13 Oct 2002|11:35am]
OK that reeking community dont let me post this but a big welcome to

Hah i finally beat Jason to it!!
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[28 Sep 2002|08:46am]
Dudee Nerooo you dorkzilla where are you!! *llaughs* im kidding! Just thought that maybe i would help Amy out there! Hah! William Jason Reso I love you! Even if you are a dork! *grins* just a joke!
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